About me...


a passion for innovation

I have always had a natural curiosity and been a lover of information and pattern spotting. After studying law in my early twenties, I moved into a career as an investigator of conduct initially (at the Scottish Government and in the Financial Ombudsman Service) and then financial crime (in KPMG's Forensic function).

One of my great frustrations in my time as an investigator was seeing how a lack of motivation and curiosity could detrimentally impact the results of very serious and costly investigations (and create the need to carry them out in the first place). In that role, I pushed for innovative responses to the challenges we faced and saw the great results they could yield. 

Making the move to the innovation team, I was privileged to work with expert innovation consultants, fascinating client businesses and the firm's most senior people to shape the firm's direction of travel around innovation. 

That culminated in my leading The Future Institute in the UK, a brand new proposition, working directly with client Boards and Executive Teams to frame successful strategies for dealing with disruption.

I loved my role, and particularly the interaction with clients, but was looking for a more dynamic context that reflected the change my clients were experiencing. Seeking to create that for myself, I set up my own business – Foresightfully - with the aim of disrupting traditional consulting by bringing both creative and an analytical perspectives to business challenges.

Today I work closely with businesses facing the 'new normal', a business environment that presents new opportunities and new risks at a faster pace than ever before. 

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